Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dance Party

Well, hello, cinemaphiles. It's time for another offering at the Comfy Chair.

Sometimes you have to get silly. We Here at the Comfy Chair have had this idea rolling around in our head for some time, and finally set about getting out of our head and into computerland.

It goes back to one of our techniques from the old days.

And that's about all there is to say, except get a cookie and a beverage, relax, and enjoy "Dance Party."

(BTW, WHATCC are going to have to do something about embedding from You Tube. It seems to cut off one end of the picture. Or did on the last two movies.)

Friday, July 9, 2010

World Cup Soccer

Hello, moviegoers! Welcome to the latest offering at the Comfy Chair Cinema.

We Here At The Comfy Chair got a request last week from our friend Marla (MarlaMarla). After being told WHATCC had a few ideas stewing for movies, Marla suggested having some toys playing soccer. After all, it is World Cup Time.

Now, We Here At The Comfy Chair had a little soccer ball around the house somewhere, and unearthed it, and set about the task of fulfilling Marla's request.

A few problems arose. The first is that WHATCC don't really know anything about soccer. But what the hey, movies are for fun, right?

All the problems that came later were logistical, but with some cheesy music editing and a lot of trial and error, we muddled through.

Something WHATCC would like to mention about this evening's offering - it features our favorite movie set we've ever made. Lots of fun watching that come together.

So, sit back, get a beer, your team jersey, and a vuvuzela and enjoy "World Cup Soccer."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Milo Howls the Classics

Hello, there, Comfy Chairers! This is the last of four, yes, count them, I know you won't, uploads to the old Comfy Chair Cinema.

You know, old Milo (well, he's not old, maybe WHATCC should say ol' Milo) has been itching to get into a Comfy Chair movie. He can't act, he can't dance, he takes direction badly, and he only knows a couple of tricks.

However - he can sing!

In fact, he can sing so beautifully that the Record Offers On TV People came to us and asked if they could work in conjunction with We Here at the Comfy Chair to put together a special record offer for the public at large.

And we said yes.

So sit back, grab a handful of Hot Tamales from Ethel at the concession stand, and enjoy my little fella Milo showing off his musical ability in "Milo Howls the Classics."

Live Music!

Hello again, music lovers. OK, OK, now sit back down and put away your beers. This is not the kind of music you heard in the clip below.

This is culture, dammit!

The day after that great Hackensaw Boys concert, We Here at the Comfy Chair were to play our big-ass clarinet solo/duet with the mighty and feared Blacksburg Community Band. The band's spring concert was Sunday, May 4.

My clarinetting partner Mary and I practiced, together and with the band, for many a month bringing this together. Here are the fruits of our labor.

By the way, speaking of fruits, some nice Lemonheads would go great with such a performance. Be sure to visit Ethel at the concession stand and buy a pack.

Live Music!

Hello, music lovers! We at the Comfy Chair have a special treat for you.

As you know, We Here at the Comfy Chair are particularly fond of the Hackensaw Boys. WHATCC went to see them in the lovely town of Floyd, VA in May. A great day, great music, lots of dogs and hippies.

Below is a little song from The Boys as they strolled out into the crowd. It's a personal favorite, "We Are Many." (The line from Ward about "confiscating the camera" was a little joke to us, the Comfy Chair.)

Grab a beer, get it from your kitchen, the Comfy Chair doesn't have its liquor license yet, and dance around, please!

We're Back!

Peep Opp Ork Ah-Ah

Well, hello, cinemaniacs! Bet you thought we'd closed down the Comfy Chair Cinema for good, didn't you?

You were almost right.

See, something amazing happened here at the old cinema. We Here at the Comfy Chair adopted a dog. And sure, we could board him and go on trips and make movies of the giant rubber stamp, but as far as getting out a bunch of crap and actually making a movie? Forget it. And so our moviemaking has suffered.

But strangely enough, on the Easter Weekend, a weekend in which We Here at the Comfy Chair had an extra day off our day jobs, we sat down and made an actual movie. The doggie (Milo, for those of you keeping score at home), was surprisingly good throughout the entire process, which bodes well for later movies.

Last year WHATCC made a little short movie starring Peeps, the Easter Candy. It was called "Bollypeep!" Well, this Easter we decided to continue on a theme. And so we bring you this year's Easter offering, "Peep Opp Ork Ah-Ah."

Anyone familiar with the Jet Screamer episode of "The Jetsons" will know the song in question. It's our (here at the Comfy Chair) favorite Jetsons episode. It features the singing of no less a person himself than the wonderful Howard Morris.

So please, sit down, relax - we bet you haven't relaxed in ages! - grab some popcorn from Ethel there at her post, and watch "Peep Opp Ork Ah-Ah."

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Giant Rubber Stamp!

Hello, cineophiles. Welcome to a new opening at the Comfy Chair.

And yes, we at the Comfy Chair have yet another travelogue movie for you tonight. It came about during another trip to Cleveland, one we took last weekend with Mr M. Oh, but this isn't snappy car banter - this is something else!

See, back in 2005 we at the Comfy Chair had the chance to see the Giant Rubber Stamp in Cleveland. Of course we were awed, but we didn't have the Comfy Chair Cinema at that time, and couldn't give it its due. So we did just that this time around.

And in a stunning twist of events, this movie ends with a bang - a surprise none of us was expecting. So be sure to stay tuned until the end!

As with anyone's home movies, pop some popcorn (or buy some from Ethel at the popcorn stand - remember, she didn't get a raise in Social Security this year) and get a cold drink. Then sit back and enjoy "The Giant Rubber Stamp!"